Software Solution

       We use industry standard developments languages and a quality-driven approach to design and build virtually any kind of software applications for a defined specifications.
Software Development services supply the keystone to our technical portfolio. Our team of experienced engineers develop innovative client-server, desktop and web based software solutions for organizations of all sizes. We can create custom-built software application for you that enable your organization to streamline efficiency, increase productivity and work smarter. Our software is used by thousands of people everyday, improving the way they work by simplifying inefficient procedures.

The first stage in developing a custom-built software application begins with the information derived from a customer needs analysis and viability study. We can help you for visualize plan and deliver your software project from conception to completion. No matter how large or small your software development requirements, we will identify the right technology and methods to meet your objectives.

Quality Assurance

DIGITS aims at maintaining its good name and high work quality. During over three years of offshore outsourcing practice, DIGITS has always focused on the projects quality control.

        We have developed our own efficient methodology to check the quality of the custom software development. We use the RUP (Rational Unified Process) to manage the development processes. We abide standard flow specifications of company when we do every project. These specifications are based on company’s practice. Basing on project’s lifestyle characteristics, we divide project into several process domain with every process domain complying each specification. By appraisal, we confirm whether or not this process domain reaching anticipate object. Only when we go through the appraisal of this process domain, we can go the next process domain. Also, we attach much importance to software testing which is divided into two kinds. One is Unit Test of the module, and the other is System Integration Test. The Unit Test goes with the whole developing process. In order to ensure high quality of the code, we claim ourselves that each program code should have relevant testing code and the System Integration Test is the major work in the testing phase. Usually, we need to finish 3 round regressive testing in this phase. The version released after the testing is called the Alpha Version. This assures project quality in great degree. All processes are well documented, institutionalized and evaluated, ensuring us to become more effective and efficient with each project we work on. As communication is especially important with the physical distance between our clients and us, we pay special attention to the effective communication. We keep smooth communications with you during the development process.

Software Development Lifecycle
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Quality Management Lifecycle

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