A Stalwart in the spectrum of Information Technology, DIGITS professes spectacular service in the realm of software, hardware and automation management on reasonably accessible terms and conditions. Prime among the providers of Electronics and Software Solutions, we are committed to utilize our resources in its full-fledged form and shape to enable us gain the best products that conform perfectly with the needs of our hectic and fast changing world.

            Fervently engaged in software programming and automation product development service for the aspirants, we have been executing our duty since inception with utmost sincerity and incomparable efficiency. We steer head the driving thrust of the time, namely revolutionizing the potential of the field of electronics and information technology. Our project solution formulae have won wide acclaim and acceptance so far.

           We comprise of a dedicated team of professionals partaking the urge and spirit of exploring and exploiting the infinite possibilities of the IT market. We have been nourished on the nectar of rich experience in software development, web site development, data and project management service, automation products etc. Besides a range of offshore service such as client server and n-tier architecture application, DIGITS affirms to provide windows, internet application development and database solutions. Irrespective of the dimensions of the project, we swear to undertake all sorts of online and offline programming needs. We are ever indebted and grateful to our various developers who help us to keep our track always fresh and bright by providing us with multi furious programming services. One unique feature of our ethics and code of conduct in the execution of undertaken ventures is observance of absolute security and confidentiality in all projects.

  Vision and Mission

          Fruitful amalgamation of knowledge, skills and technologies to avail firm global status and recognition to the firm which in turn, might inspire supreme professionalism and perfect utilization of the resources of IT Sector.

           Immaculate and frank communication with our business wings and clients that would ensure exemplary professional service and solutions to issue for the concerned.

  Our Team

          The innovative products reared up by the most studious and proficient team of DIGITS are capable of enhancing the efficacy of tasks undertaken. The members of our team are fully equipped to take up any intricate piece of work with meticulously planned skill of successful execution. High reliability, energy exposure, cost effectiveness, efficiency of management, expertise over latest technology etc have been accepted as our watch words to help us maintain supreme standard of culmination in all our undertaken assignments.

  Why Digits

Digits team core value is to generate business value for clients. we provide:

  • Integration: Our team understand how to collaborate with your organization/internal development team regardless of culture difference.
  • Value: fast implemantation form business requirements to final software products, with out time consuming process for requirement specifications.
  • Quality: Our team have years experience in software development, and we utilize agi;e principles and participate to achieve high efficiency and quality.
  Our team are trained to have both quality consciousness and innovation consciousness. We focus on finding solution to clients business problem, not just writing programming code and implement solutions. Digits team get to know our client's business goals. It brings deeper vision to team when facing problems and enables team to think at a higher level and with a wider perspective.